T.M. Performance offers OEM production, engineering, and problem-solving services for major brand names in the motorsports industry including Automobili Lamborghini, Dallara, JAS Motorsport, Abarth (FCA Group), AUDI Sport Italia, and more.

Our core business is primarily based on the development and sales of products destined for the racing components sector, and mechanical components for special applications within the motorsports industry.


T.M. Performance is recognized in the industry for their extreme production standards and highly effective staff that can provide manufacturers with quick turnarounds and precisely coordinated solutions to the unique needs found in high-performance vehicles both on and off the track.

Beyond the racetrack, T.M. Performance also focuses on the supply of high quality aftermarket components compatible with road models from Porsche, Ferrari (modern and classic models), McLaren, and Lamborghini.

While our world-renowned performance braking components are the backbone of our portfolio, we also offer many other lines beyond our flagship products:

Brake Discs / Brake Calipers / Brake Pads / Bells and Floating Systems / Wheel Nuts and Related Retention Systems / Clutches and Clutch Components / Clutch Actuators / Axle Shafts and Their Components / Gearbox Components: Sliding Gears, Gears, Shafts, etc. / High Performance Synthetic Grease / Cylindrical Gears / Bevel Gears / Wheel Hubs and Gearbox / Hub Housings / Suspension Elements / Flywheels / Self-Locking Differential Housings and Their Components / Pinions and Racks for Steering Gear / Dry Sump Oil Pumps / Fuel Pumps / Starter Motors / Complete Dummy Wheel Alignment Kits