Ferrari 430 Rear Brake Pads (Set of 4)


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  • One Set (4) of Ferrari 430 Rear Brake Pads



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Ferrari 430 Rear Brake Pads (Set of 4)

Each TM Performance Brake Pad Application is designed with specific requirements for the individual use and application of the model.  The Ferrari Challenge applications are a customized version of the “standard” TM 002-E Endurance racing pad compound.

The TM 002-E is formulated with long race applications in mind and thus a bespoke compound has been created with the exact needs to maximize performance on the 430 Challenge cars.  The initial bite is slightly less as the Sprint compound, so as to ensure the pedal and brake feeling is precise and consistent throughout the intense, long-term usage seen in Challenge events.

The TM Performance Ferrari Challenge Brake Pads are the perfect compound to ensure dependable, maximized performance in endurance racing events where the need to change brake pads would cause delays in the pits.

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