Lamborghini Gallardo SuperTrofeo Front Brake Rotors With Bell




TM Performance Brake Rotors – Performance Maximized

Our belief in competition as a catalyst for performance is not a mystery for our customers. The research to overcome limits pushes our engineers to always find a new solution to maximize the performance of each component.  This continuous research for the best solution includes our  collaboration with Dr. Pivetti, who brings decades of experience in the metallurgical field.  TM Performance has been able to develop a number of solutions for brake discs with unique characteristics to our brand and
to move even further the limit of conventional solutions from our carefully selected gray cast iron and vermicular cast iron.
TM Performance has exclusive contracts with our partner foundries to produce limited quantities of our bespoke rotor steel compounds.
TM Performance is constantly bringing new and improved innovations to the arena of the brake discs, best demonstrated by the hundred of international podium wins.

The Science of TM Performance Brake Discs – Mass and Thermal Effect

TM Brake Rotors are manufactured to a heavier mass than many competitors for the following race-proven reasons:

  • Overall Brake Disc Weight is optimized to compromise between initial peak  temperature and the cooling down phase cycles during racing situations.
  • The temperature peak of the TM disc is lower, which reduces the Pearlite to Ferrite transformation.
  • TM Discs do not show premature cracks as compared to lighter competition brake discs.
  • The Cooling Down phase has been optimized using a CFD Development and On-Track Race Scenario measurements, allowing for the cooling effect to be balanced by improved mass flow into the radial cooling channels at an increased velocity.
  • Temperature increase of the whole braking system is lower (minor temperature peak and optimized cooling down phase over the course of a racing event/session).





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